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Home the ORIGINAL JAH RADIO! Playing Roots, Dancehall, Lovers and Dub Reggae since 1975.

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Jah Radio's main page

Jah Radio, Reggae, Roots, Dancehall, Dub, Bush Doktor.


Welcome to Jah Radio's site. You'll be able to listen to the show, hear special

mixes and watch "live" streaming video of the show. We're in the process

of moving things from our old site, so please forgive us for any errors

or missing pieces.         Thank you, Bush Doktor

Play Jah Radio "LIVE" Stream / Tunein stream!!
24/7 Reggae on Tunein   

JAH RADIO (tm) is a radio show I've been doing to spread

the sound of Reggae music. It is the longest running Reggae

show in southern California since 1975. We play Reggae from

all over the world, including: Jamaica & the Caribbean .

The U.K. & Europe. The USA, Hawaiian & Poly-Reggae.

Japan, Korea, China & Asia. Chile, Argentina & Latin

America. Israel & the middle east. And all of Africa.